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  • Report: The Need for Strategic Food Policy in Australia
    Summary Food is the most interconnected policy issue any government faces. In Australia, governing the food system cuts across many policy areas, including agriculture, fisheries, rural infrastructure, indigenous affairs, water, environment, drought, emergency management, animal welfare, waste, health, poverty, education, immigration, defence, industry, transport and cost of living. Although we are endowed with plentiful natural resources, […]
  • Building resilience key to withstanding sudden shocks to the system
    When the haze cleared from one of the worst bushfire seasons in memory, none of us expected to begin recovery in the grip of a pandemic. Governments cannot necessarily predict the onset of such shocking events, but we can prepare for them – and build community resilience to withstand them…
  • The Covid-19 recovery is an opportunity for systemic change. Our future hangs in the balance
    “In September 2019, people from all walks of life stood together, waving banners and leading chants, to demand action on climate change. Across Australia, 300,000 people gathered outside parliaments, in parks and on the streets for the climate strike, creating the largest climate protest in our nation’s history. We envisioned a different future. A future […]